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Kauniainen, framing the module

First a 1200 x 600 x 90 mm plywood frame was created from 9 mm plywood. The sides are as tall as the 3 mm hardboard scenery profile boards that we have now attached to the sides of the modules. The side members are between end pieces. This is sort of bad idea as the tear of end pieces will try to pull the screws from the plywood and glued frame will have stress perpendicular to glue surface. This is -- however -- the way FREMO modules are built. And I think there is a reason: If the assembly is not absolutely perfect one might get the side members not quite upright, but still the end pieces will be completely upright and ease assembly of the layout...

The foam module has been trimmed 9mm off all surfaces that will be withinn the plywood frame...

...and to speed this up we had a soldering gun with soft iron loop so attached that if the soldering iron was sliding along the edge of the module the wire cut 9mm off the side.

The alignment styrene piece (3mm styrene) wasn't removed as it still will do the alingnment with the brass pin.

The module embedded in the wrame. The scenery contours over the plywood box should probably be also reduced by 9 mm and plywood profile boardss attached on top of the box edge.

The parts of scenery going below the top surface of plywood must also be taken into consideration...

...by cutting the plywood according to scenery contour. The top of plywood needs to be covered with scenic material.

Module from below. The bottom edge of the plywood frame is 20--25mm below the bottom foam slab. This will help protecting point motors etc. The flanges of the frame ease fitting of the cross members. We may also fit small control panels to the sides of the modules by sinking them to the side members. I'd guess buttons are not a good plan here as pressing of the button will cause the layout to swing sideways. I think we'll just fit the emergency panels to the sides and build separate proper panels to be bolted to the sides like in the old layout.

Time to think: Did you notice what went wrong? The module is made of 600mm wide foam and it has had 3 mm hardboard (masonite) profile boards on its sides. The total width of prepared module has been 606 mm, not 600mm. Hence the frame needs to be 6 mm wider to match...
Time to re-think: While tearing away the FREMO profile board (well -- it could not be torn away -- it had to be cut loose with hacksaw blade) we need to re-think about the plywood box around the module. What if the sides were of 3mm (1/8 in) plywood replacing the hardboard profile boards, and only the horizontal strip at the bottom would be of 9 mm (3/8 in) plywood? That way we would not have to cut the modules narrower, but would still have the solid bottom edge, and by fitting the ends with triangular "fins" we could fit 9mm (3/8in) end panels to old Kauniainen modules to make the modules stackable for transportation like we had with the old layout...

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